Design Services

Creative Palestine is a network providing services targeting product development within cultural and creative industries through diffusing creative industrial design knowledge using Palestinian cultural heritage.

Access to Market

Creative Palestine favors the integration of the Cultural and Creative Industry Clusters into national and international supply chains through increasing competitiveness and market penetration opportunities.


Creative Palestine fosters the creation of a dynamic ecosystem that includes the workshops/producers, industrial designers, cultural institutions, universities, and government.


A national label under the regional “Creative Mediterranean” program, “Creative Palestine” aims to contribute to inclusive growth by fostering entrepreneurial cooperation in cultural and creative industries through the development of cluster initiatives. In Palestine, the traditional handicrafts cluster in Bethehem and the furniture cluster in Nablus were selected among several industrial hubs as the beneficiaries of the program’s focused technical assistance and pilot initiatives. Gathering specialized producers of handicraft, decorations and souvenirs from the city of Bethlehem, the Bethlehem Treasures Cluster (BTC) supports the enhancement of its members’ competitiveness through networking initiatives and training program, works for the development of new collections for the local tourist market, and look for new, international distribution channels as a mean to provide new business opportunities. The Nablus Furniture Cluster (NFC) favours the creation of new business opportunities through the provision of targeted training, process and technological innovation, and promoting joint projects and collaborations as a mean to increase productivity and competitiveness.

An extension of Creative Palestine’s mission has been extended to the Footwear Cluster in Hebron, which will benefit from the design and implementation of new footwear collections, new access to market’s activities, together with the provision of bespoke technical assistance and marketing support. Similar initiatives for the textile sectors in Jenin and in the Gaza Strip are about to be put in place, with more sectors becoming interested in the approach and keen to focus on its development at the wider national level. Creative Palestine is in the process to creating the first Palestine Creative Hub, a physical laboratory connecting designers and cluster members with different institutions as art/design foundations, universities, art/design NGOs to become a common creative think tank and coworking space to synergize the realization of best outputs through an efficient and vibrant product development process.